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You can use this page to securely upload a document to our virtual file system. We will be notified of your upload as soon as it is completed.

Simply enter your email address below and click the "Browse..." button to find the file on your local computer. If you like, you may enter any notes about the document and then click the "Upload" button. Please note that files must be less than 100 MB in size in order to complete successfully.

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About DynaFile™

DynaFile is a simple and effective online document management system designed to help you better organize, share and retrieve documents. From scanned paper files, to existing electronic files, DynaFile provides secure web based access to any of your documents from any location at any time.

Whether you need to manage invoices, review contracts, distribute investment documents, file employee information, archive transactions or share proposals, DynaFile makes the process easy. Regardless of your industry, department or company size, if you have a file cabinet, DynaFile can help you reduce costs and increase productivity.

To learn more about DynaFile, please visit www.dynafile.com or call (888) 510-3453